Rainbows by itti bitti Flexi-Pads

Rainbows by itti bitti

Rainbows by itti bitti Flexi-Pads are a cleverly designed, fast drying cloth menstrual pad.

Featuring a layer of bamboo velour next to the skin, absorbent bamboo core, and a separate PUL booster for extra absorbency and water-proofing on heavy days, these pads are divine.

Rainbows by itti bitti

They are easy to use, simply place in your underwear and snap the 'wings' together underneath, they will be held securely in place. You can choose to have the longer side to the front or the back, depending on where you need it.

Simply soak if you choose to, then wash with your normal washing.

Trim and comfortable, Rainbows by itti bitti will change the way you think about cloth menstrual products.

Available in 5 vibrant colours!

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